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Boundaries: The 5 W's (When, Where, Why)

When do I use boundaries:

  • You're always tired and burnt out.

  • You're feeling resentful and frustrated.

  • You're always saying "yes", never "no".

  • You take responsibility for other people's thoughts, feelings and actions or make them responsible for yours. ·

  • Feeling taken advantage of in certain situations: i.e emotional, financial

  • You feel "bad" when you take time for yourself

  • You feel uncomfortable by something the other person does, says, or how they treat you

Where can I use them: In any relationship you feel that your "line" has been crossed. Boundaries generate safety in a relationship, and can help improve all spheres of your life.

Use them with co-workers who don't stop gossiping, or your partner leaving their dirty underwear in the bathroom. Or your teenager not flushing the toilet (yuck!). You can set boundaries anywhere, and everywhere.

Why are boundaries so important: We all have limits, and we all experience someone violating our limits. Boundaries are significant for our mental and emotional health, and can increase healthier relationships in our life- with others and yourself.

Click here for Boundaries; How do I do it?!

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